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10 Tips for Holiday Travel

Now, with a few days to recover – It is safe to say that my jet lag is over with from this visit to the United Kingdom from the United States.

Several times a year I visit my girlfriend in Wales, and I think I learn something new from every time I travel to her.

Traveling during the holidays does ensure a more chaotic and potential stressful time of the year for anyone that has a longer duration to their destination.

However, I’ve taken into some consideration some resourceful tricks that either I’ve considered or already introduced with my travel regime.

Traveling doesn’t always have to be hectic or expensive if you take the time to learn and apply a few new ideas.

These are 10 Holiday travel tips that work for me while traveling alone. I’m aware that they may not always be applicable when traveling with a family. But, the principles can always remain. (Note: these ideas can apply for different means of travel, but, mainly target air travel)


Saving Space – How is this not going to be on most travel tip list? Most people take more than they need, especially if packing for themselves. By evaluating your trip’s duration, climate, and necessities you will create space for things you may add during your visit. For example, more space just in case grandma gives you a large purple sweater for Christmas.


Know where you pack your things – Firstly, how many bags/luggage are you bringing? If you pack your key electronics, food, and important papers in your backpack it will be accessible and right where you know it belongs. Quick access to what you need at the moment is a certain no-brainer tip that makes things a little easier.


Be on time – Nothing can be worse when you are tapped for time and are stressed getting to your flight. This is a very basic principle, but, very practical one to say the least. Think ahead. Anticipate long waits. Be prepared with quick access to what is required to get through those gates.


Saving money in the long run with simple/quick gadgets – Handpresso is something really handy and will save money for frequent travelers always on the go who want to save money on coffee. Coffee lovers will potentially love this convenient gadget – This only requires 30 pumps, and just by adding hot water and your favorite coffee you can add convenience and subtract money spent in the long run on Starbucks visits, and some airline fees.


Dress Sharp – In my personal experience when dressing a little more up, people tend to be more respectful versus instead of wearing Spiderman pajamas.


Make extra photocopies of I’D’s (Especially Passports) – this may be something that you already do. But, for some people don’t think about keeping extra copies of the passport in case there is an emergency. For example; If you were ever to go missing, then having extra copies given to people you trust for your country’s local embassy.  If you are in another country, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared to expect the unexpected.


Thinking ahead with food/drink – These are small things to consider, but, can save you money in the long run. So, before I go through security (TSA) at the airport, I make sure I buy 2 tall sized bottled water at a reasonable price at the local store. I drink them up, and make sure they are empty before going through security (as they must be empty – No liquids) and then fill them up at water stations. There you go, you will save yourself money at the airport.


Luggage tracker – Have you ever temporarily or permanently lost your luggage? I’ve personally had my luggage delayed and had to be sent to my home. But, one of the biggest fears is losing your personal things that could be in another country that wasn’t even in your travel itinerary. This apparently does happen. Thankfully devices like Trackdot you can leave in your luggage and it keeps track of where it could with a GPS chip inside.


Be courteous – Sometimes it is way easier said than done instead of actually doing this one. Also, sometimes I even ask; “what is the point”? I really like the biblical principle “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Imagine if more people would smile more, and be pleasant when they have questions. My last experiment when traveling was to be as pleasant as possible. This can go a long way much more than people think. People are also willing to help you when you are lost or don’t know where the water fountain is located. This concept goes a long way in life addition to applying to travel.


Reduce the noise – If you are on a plane, there will be noise. It may be wise to make sure you are all ears when you hear your row before boarding. Fortunately, there are some noise-canceling headphones that can allow you to hear the airline announcements. So cancel all of the rest of the noise (such as high frequencies). The main objective is enjoying some relaxing tunes, while not being distracted from potential airplane engine noise.


OK, so you got your coffee now. You can find your luggage in case it wanders off. Now you can tune out the lady sitting next to you with a high pitch snore. You are now dressed well and smiling and ready for takeoff.

None of these tips are guaranteed to make your traveling easier. But, if you travel quite often in the air I recommend the investments taken to potentially make traveling smoothly.

So far so good for me. I hope you found something helpful. Please feel free to leave comments or other tips/suggestions regarding travel.



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