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4 Reasons You Should Be Eating Beets

What do you know about beets?


If you were like me 8 months ago, you probably just remember eating it out of a metal can serve with a holiday meal.


I was never a big fan of beets until I discovered some potent benefits that have me eating them, especially before a workout.


I have discovered many additional benefits that have given me a new outlook on this red ball vegetable.


There are at least 4 quick reasons that could make beets a healthier alternative solution to some basic problems.


Lowers blood pressure:


Ok, I don’t remember the last time that I got my blood pressure checked. But, I could just go to the doctor and take medicine and take his/her word that the white pill will reduce my blood pressure. However, with timely research has indicated that by eating or (drinking beet juice) has reduced hypertension from inorganic nitrates which beets have in them.

I would recommend getting your blood pressure tested by a professional. But, why not try an experiment – before and after? Food for thought, if you don’t need to take a pill – why wouldn’t you try this out first?


Increasing stamina:


I am not a doctor, however, no one else can verify for me that my body increases performance especially before working out. I usually eat at least 1 of these before working out in the gym, and not only can I push my limits, but, the energy is very clean. After eating beets there have been clinical trials that suggest peaking nitrate levels increase stamina.

I can’t verify this, but, I can tell you that I am able to push harder in the gym without feeling any setbacks.


Anti-cancer properties:


I am not advocating that beets resemble a magic red pill. But, why wouldn’t anyone be curious enough to understand what researchers have provided about consuming these? It is possible that eating beets can reduce the chances of getting cancer – without potentially harming your body. Although, there is not enough evidence to support a claim. Researchers have stated that the red pigment in beets – betacyanin can prevent cancerous cells from forming.

Listen to your body, and if you feel better after consistently consuming beets. Then, is it possible that feeling better than yesterday, can promote a healthy body, that could possibly be a sign that you are less at risk for cancer?


Natures Viagra:


There are more magic pills on the market than ever before. Of course, I am not suggesting that those special pills don’t get results. However, you are at risk for the side effects. Usually, you will need to consult a doctor before you take medication to enhance your sex organ.

Well, good news. If you are not allergic to beets then this could be the healthy solution to erectile dysfunction. Apparently, beets contain a lot of boron which helps boost testosterone. They also improve blood flow from the nitrates to the genital areas.

I won’t give a personal testimony from this example but, I will tell you that feeling 15 years old doesn’t seem that long ago anymore.


I eat these regularly several times a month. But there are also other things to consider. They do have more sugar than most vegetables, therefore, I would suggest them in moderation if you have high blood sugar.


Also, I do not eat them out of a can because of high sodium content and for traces of mercury. But, eat them fresh. You can also add the green leaves from the root to your salad, which they also have plenty of benefits.


The benefits do not stop here. There are many other reasons to consider adding beets to your diet, but, these are just 4 reasons that you should consider.


After, eating them for a couple days in a row I feel stronger, have more energy and feel lighter.


Why wouldn’t you think about adding them to your diet? Or taking the time to research them before you make your next lifestyle decision?



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