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4 Simple Survival Mode Tricks – Change Your Outlook Today!

Stressed. Discouraged. Downright exhausted.

You are in survival mode now, and you are kicking and paddling to stay afloat long enough to swim to the life preserver. 

But, when you reach the donut…now what?

Several weeks back — things were not working out in my favor. To save you (the reader) from exhausted eyes. I was at an airport in Ohio without a place to live. Ok, technically I’m not/wasn’t homeless but plans drastically shifted and needless to say, I was exhausted.

I can relate to the non-swimmer even in the baby pool. You swallow some water, and your panicked mind can mimic fate. 

Need a break much? Or keep trying to kick and move those arms regardless of exhaustion?

Survival mode can be an illusion. Or it can feel very real. Drained bank accounts. No food in the cupboard. No cupboard. Or a recent broken relationship that can just bring you down. 

If I only had junk food to drown my sorrows? Eat my sorrows?

Well, for some — this is a temporary exchange for self-loathing. Pity-party 101.

Most of the time we are wired to get the quick fix. Why read a blog that can help you alter your bad habits when it may take 6 months?

Or, just find your life-style preserver until you receive your next break.

Well, hopefully, I’m swallowing my own advice and not the ocean water. But, I’m motivated to tell you the truth — about 4 simple things you can do — until you get the shore.

Ok, enough about breath stokes. 

Remember these are only small things that you can do. It doesn’t have to be rocket science. Or you don’t need to put so much pressure on yourself.

Don’t think about next week. Next month. Or any moment other what you can do only for today.

Here goes:

Speaking of breathing. Number 1 on this list is as simple as drinking a glass of water when you first wake up. 

Intentional breath of fresh air

No seriously. By breathing, I mean practice inhaling and exhaling like your soul depended on it. It is the first fundamental exercise that brings oxygen to the brain. Think of it, like your soul needs to come up for air. The benefits of breathing are more than just relaxing. It found in studies that it helps the body relax by reducing the harmful stress hormone cortisol. Stressed lately? Well, why not lower your blood pressure and your heart rate while you’re at it. 

Laugh at life

Yeah, you know that unprescribed medication. Laughter is releasing those endorphins.

You need to make an effort to laugh. I’m not suggesting you laugh at every pun or lame Dad joke. But, finding humor can sometimes lift the doom and gloom cloud. 

Practice paves the way for lighter thinking. 

Laughing regularly can redirect your distressed situation into a lighter one. I’ve tried this recently, and not only benefit yourself but others around you can also find this to be a simple solution.

Relaxing the nerves. Boosting the immune system. Resurging the soul. 

Come on, you know this. Just remind yourself to find that funny bone again to redirect your thoughts.

Tacos for lunch or Broccoli for breakfast?

This 3rd idea seems arbitrary but it really sets yourself up for the better. I’m not suggesting eat broccoli for breakfast. Although, if you are running low on money in your mind. How much money are you spending on lunch out – and then not really positioning yourself to feel better? Mind-altering foods can do so much for our moods, motivation, and overall outlook.

But, I only have $25 to spend this week on food?

Frozen vegetables, nuts, eggs, seeds, dried fruit & even fish — I’ve spent under $25. Even with a smaller budget. You should start somewhere. But, why these choices? Remember your body won’t lie to you if you give it truth serum. I know the difference between eating frozen pizza versus frozen vegetables for 3 days. I feel better. 

We sometimes feel like we need to create a long term plan before we can crawl. Sometimes (me included) will create shortcuts for immediate results because of desperation. I’ve had to do some self-checks say to myself – “oh yeah, I remember now. This packed of mixed nuts actually help my mood.” It can be plain and simple and right there and in front of your eyes.

Start simple. Spend smart. Eat well. Reduce panic and stress. Feel better even with a drained bank account.

What is gratitude?

Finally, I’m leaving this one because it feels like it can be forgotten. How grateful are you? This is another forgetful-brainer. But, it is like some good friends telling you what you already know. 

I’m reminding you & me as a friendly reminder.

Be grateful. Put those words into action by refreshing your outlook. There are things to be grateful for. Whatever they are, even if it feels like a stretch to find them. Do so. You can simply change your mind and start to find positivity regardless of what seems dim.

The walls are not really closing in. Believe me, I’ve had felt this way many times. Perception is not the same as reality. Sometimes it is about the most simple thing you do. When you add several simple things together, your outlook will grow to change daily. But, it starts with tiny moments first.

If you feel desperate, tired, or discouraged. Choose your adjective. Start simple, start fast. Start now.

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