What is Treevamp?

You probably already heard a similar sound rooted from the word the revamp. It is a word I’ve used a good part of my adult life. It is about giving new form or making improvements. Isn’t this the goal?

But, why is so hard to change a way of thinking or changing a habit? It is first about repositioning yourself to understand that a way of life or way of thinking just isn’t working anymore.

So, dare to make the change.

Sometimes, we need more than encouragement. I’ve been inspired to create a site that will grow like a single tree in the wide-open field. @treevamp I’m growing just like you possibly. It is self-reckoning with reason and logic.

Why are you stuck?

Treevamp is compilations of thoughts that ultimately encourage change. The way, we think about our lifestyle — and why we would want to consider thinking outside the box.

Consider — the way we eat. What foods are better for reposition ourself. How to live outside our comfort zones and not be afraid to revaluate our habits and the way we have been taught to think.

We are only getting started. I hope you continue to read as I grow with hope and inspiration.


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