About Me

We have heard the saying many times. “Today is the rest of your life.” So, why not do something that changes, the rest of your day into tomorrow? There are no guarantees that we will live another day. However, why not live the rest of today if it is your last? Sometimes we overthink change. We think that we need to make drastic changes that will result in a happier life. But, what if it is smaller choices that can get us one step closer joy? What if joy can result in a healthier life? What if we change our minds on how we view people, love, food, or even our influences?
I want to live my life and influence others that, mind, body, and soul have a lot to do with joy.
My life is about constantly trimming the excess fat, both figuratively and literally. There are more resources in our day in age than there ever has been. This is a good thing. Although, it can be confusing about what program fits according to one’s mindset. Or what guru is promoting the best product that can get fast results.
I am not a mind changer, nor am I about to unlock the secret to the meaning of life.
I want to reveal my sincere approach to cultivating what is already working for you, and encourage to notice what is not.
If you are reading this so far, then I believe it wasn’t by accident that you found me.
My goal is to dedicate my life to inspiring others to think outside the cube. Our parameters and conditional thinking isn’t our fault. But, if don’t constantly change the way think about what we digest with information, and yes, food – then, we live a life of what we have been taught, hence; the only life we know.
I am here to reveal that it isn’t too late, until, it is too late. I have been a dreamer for most of my life, but, will not accept complacency and believe I am here to not answer just your one question, but, to help you ask better questions.
In essence; live the rest of my days on a journey – to give, to promote change in your life and others around you.
If today, was the last day on earth, what would you pack?
Let us go on this journey together.
You can never stop growing. You can never stop learning. You can keep becoming the better you.