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Helpful Guide for Starting a Healthier Food List


Making a healthy food list can be a little overwhelming. Especially when you don’t know where to start.


I have also scratched my head on what to buy, prepare and eat. Now with trying some basic food list. I’ve learned to substitute some old habits and replace them with new ones.


Basically, I would like you to understand the basics of planning out your days in advance and helpful key tips that will give you a platform for transforming your body. I have listed foods that will take care of your essential needs for energy, better digestion, and if the ultimate goal is weight loss through your mid-region (stomach/gut).


Remember, this starting point is not just to lose weight, but, a lifestyle change that you can benefit for the rest of your years if you understand that giving your body what it needs to live life at a higher level. 


I have separated several different food types that should be a part of your diet every single day. Even on the days, that you prefer to eat what you want. If you are dedicated and committed to getting results, then I encourage you to do this for the long haul.


Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see results right away. It will take some time. But, once you notice that your body is going through changes, then start to understand, you will begin to notice positive changes to both the way you look and feel.


I thought it would be good for you know that key foods that you can start adding to your grocery list and eating at scheduled times throughout each day.


Changes that could take place:


You won’t be as hungry at each meal


You will eat less in every meal (eating until you are satisfied – don’t overeat


Your energy level will increase every day around 3-5% each day through the first week


Getting rid of waste that has sat your stomach gut for a while – therefore you made need to use the toilet a little more in the first couple of weeks


You will start to feel cleaner


Your stomach will start to decrease in size over each week – remember good digestion will be really key in this


Your mood will change even more


You will have more energy in the afternoon


Improved mental focus


I realize that you already know certain things about food and what works. So, I may explain to you what you have tried and what has already worked or not worked for that matter. But, this is to spark you to the next level. If you keep this up, you will change your mind because you will learn to apply what works for you. Why would you want to go back into old routines if they aren’t working? Right?


Now, the part that you are waiting for. Here are the food basics, that you will want to start adding to your diet, daily. I have broken them down into several groups. I decided not to bore you with details on what the foods are doing specifically, but, giving you basic understandings on why you need to eat them.

Start adding these foods to your food plan:


Nuts and Seeds:


You want to add these however you can. I will talk about salads to eat every day. But there are also simple ways to eat them. You can eat them in little bags and bring them to work. A handful of nuts in the morning (second meal and the last break in the afternoon)



Brazil nuts

Pumpkin seeds

Flax seeds (you can by them ground up, and add them to oatmeal)


Nuts and seeds give you important energy and give you the boost in your metabolism that will, in the end, help you burn faster calories. They go hand in hand and are necessary for energy, burning fat, mood enhancer and cleaner digestion.


Green stuff:

As much as possible, plan your foundation of meals based on green leafy vegetables and green vegetables in general. I would like you to focus on this being your basic every day. You don’t have to do exactly what I do with the salads. But, these benefits are going to be important for you to get a change in your stomach. Green leafy vegetables will help your digestion. They actually aid your digestion and decrease inflammation in your stomach. I know that you aren’t a big spinach fan. But, find ones that you can start building different salads each day. Remember; “we eat to live, not live to eat”. If you think about going to work each day, and feeling the best that you can. You can change your mind with these simple building fundamentals.


Specific greens:

Spinach – If you buy the green leave mixture along with kale, this could be the start of your salad building – if you can change your mind and add then, you will find the benefits to be great


CilantroVery cheap, and you don’t need much, but, this will help you detox and get rid of things that could be preventing you from going to the next level


Broccoliyou can buy them frozen, and add them to a smoothie – I will get into that later


Other green leafy vegetables – try other greens, if you get bored. If it is green, then it is doing something. — see Kale


***NOTE: I recommend soaking your vegetables in apple cider vinegar for 5 minutes before you put them together. Any kind of vinegar will rid produce from pesticides and other bacteria. 10 percent vinegar and 90 percent water.


Now, this is only a start. Vegetables and nuts, and seeds are a beginning. I can’t stress this enough, but, having you to understand that you need to improve your digestion is the first key. The second is burning fat. These foods will help but, not all.


So, now I am going to tell you that these other foods I picked are very random, but, are awesome for doing some great things for positive results.

Try to add these as well:

Oatmealhigh in fiber and great with blueberries, honey, and cinnamon. 


Grapefruitcitrus fruits will help burn fat. Eat them daily if you can, but, make sure you eat alkaline foods too – making sure that your PH levels are in check.


Olive Oil – great on salads and a better alternative to cooking. Remember the good fats.


Apple cider vinegarnatural enzymes that improve digestion. Keep adding this to salads, and your stomach could get smaller without doing one exercise in 1 month. It all starts with better digestion, and this is just one aspect. Always check to see if you take this if you are on any medication. 


****Berries**** these are going to be great, for detoxing and helping protect your body from cellular damage. Add them to smoothies, and your oatmeal. I would recommend that you buy them frozen, which keeps the nutrient in longer. You can add them to your oatmeal frozen, and then can be eaten as they thaw out. Put, them in smoothies if you decide to make them and salads as well. – blueberries and raspberries


WatermelonVery great to eat in the afternoon with nuts. High in zinc, which increases stamina and testosterone. You will feel an extra boost in the afternoon because there will be a spike in your sugar level.


Avocadosgreat in salads, the building blocks for good fat, good energy, good fuel, and can go along way. Great for your brain. Many different creative ways to prepare them.


Bananasthey have a compound that fights bacteria in your stomach. Maybe 1 a day – also perfect for good tasting smoothies.


Black and Green teaimportant endurance and releases toxins in your body. Will help burn fat. Bring a tea bag to work, and drink a cup once a day. Has less caffeine than coffee, but, the caffeine is released in the blood slower, and you are less likely to crash and burn.


Head of cabbagetons of nutrients and benefits. It is cheap, you can slice it up and add to a salad.


Red Bell pepperagain, another aid in helping you burn fat and rich in vitamin C.


Peanut buttersome people suggest that this is too fattening. Remember, your body needs fat. Peanut butter is great with a spoonful to eat real fast. It helps speed up the metabolism, and the protein absorbs slower which will help you get you lean – the healthier version of good fats come from avocados and walnuts (which are both great for your brain.)


EggsSpeaking of lean, there all kinds of ways to eat these of course. But, eggs are the good protein and keep you feeling full without overdoing it. 


Meatsnow this is really important to understand what works for you and what is not. So, instead of telling you to stop eating beef. I just would encourage to cut back because beef can sit your gut, and doesn’t digest as well as fish and chicken. Try salmon and tilapia and other white fish. Avoid frying the fish and chicken because it doubles in calories and doesn’t break down in your digestive tract as well.

Appleshas a key compound; leptin which is good for digestion


Lemonsyou told me you have done this; this is a part of the citrus fruit family, but, it can be added to your teas, and it is important as it burns that belly, baby. Also, the highest concentration of vitamin C among the most food.


Ginger root – I have mentioned this to you before and will write it again, but, this is your stomach’s best friend. It will do wonders for your stomach. You can slice them up, and add lemon and honey.


Cinnamongood for your blood and heart. Also, another detoxing agent. You can add to a bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, honey and grounded up flax seeds. Also, put it into your teas.


Turmericbuy this is powder form, and add this to your eggs, and be creative and add to other dishes. Great for you detox, and really healthy in general. – This can be the beginning of learning about herbs and spices. They often get overlooked. But, very surprising how beneficial they are to your health.


WheatgrassI have promoted this to many people over the years. This could be a healthy alternative to spinach. It is amazing and can do all kinds of things. It is actually kind of a secret because when I mention this, people don’t know what it is. It, however, is going to do so many things, so you can by this in powder form and add it to smoothies. You will feel great after several days, but, be prepared to be near the toilet at the beginning which is a great sign. I try this regularly and feel lighter with more energy


Ok, so these are some foods that are going to make a difference. So, how to prepare your food and be creative. You may decide that you don’t want to purchase everything on this list. But, it is encouraged you try different things that will begin a new routine and lifestyle change. Being at work for 40-50 hours a week, you want to perform at a higher level. If you start to get more energy than you can assume that you will burn the fat.


You know that I am going to recommend that you start your salad building. These foods that I listed above are going to be a starting point for you to incorporate in your daily eating. Get some containers and plan out your eating day, and start eating every day these foods especially while you are at work. Eating on a schedule will allow your body to adjust to your metabolism. I don’t want you to get bored, but, foods can also alter your mind which will help change your habits.


Smoothies are also great to have at home. Adding frozen fruits and vegetables and getting them in you will start to promote changes that you didn’t think were possible.


I am not telling you how to do your foods, but, giving you a basic understanding of how, when, and what.


Key things to remember to your plan:


Eat 5-6 times a day


Eat on time


Don’t overeat, you won’t be starving for each meal


Keep drinking your water – drink right away when you first wake up


Didn’t mention, but, get 7-8 hours of sleep if you can


Think green; spinach, kale, cilantro, and wheatgrass 


Citrus fruits


Reduce sugar intake


21-day ab workout; keep cycling those exercises twice through every day


Learn how to improve your digestion


Cheat days are ok, but, start planning healthier meals on those days, you don’t want to go back to old habits


Stay encouraged, you may not get results right away; give yourself time to see the results


Spending money efficiently, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on food if you plan properly. Learn how to stretch the foods out and find ways to save money without sacrificing your health.


Take some time each week to study a couple of new foods. You may be surprised what you may find. Doctors may not test you and tell you what nutrients you may be lacking.


Get your gut under control. This is where it all starts. The gut is your immune system.


Make it happen today. 


After 2 weeks slowly, do some exercises. Eat right first, feel better, get the blood flowing in the right places. Energy, motivation, and results.


You can do this! I know this is just a step toward changing the way you look at food. But, if you apply some ideas, you can be the best advisor for you. You will feel better, and keep trying new things that will feel like you can conquer the world. I may not have added every food but, at least you can start with these as lifestyle building platform.


The newer you, will take encouragement, motivation, discipline and be willing to try new things daily. Change your mind, and then alter your body composition.


Let this be an ignitor and foundation from before. First, get these foods in your diet ASAP, and eat them in smaller portions throughout the day. Be creative.


I will get very specific on my next blog with Top 5 superfoods that your average person doesn’t talk about but, have amazing amounts of nutrients that are very beneficial.


Thank you and keep reading.


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