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Information Diet/Fasting Media & Relieving the Mental Stomach

A quick read – Just some food for thought – for the day.

Simply put. We are information addicts.  

Good or Bad. True or False. We eat and digest information at an alarming rate. By the time a child is 10-years old in 2019, they will have eaten more newspapers than the neighbor’s dog. Translation — A child in this era is exposed to more information than any child in the history of children.

Information at our fingertips we’ve got access to the weather. The newest controversy podcast and the latest Star Wars trailer — social media much?

Shiny metal glows in the dark.

Scroll down and forget what time it is. Past your bedtime and now you’re in a daze from an overload of info. 

What is an information diet?

When the word diet is used.

The first connotation is watching what we eat. After all, we are what we eat. We also are what we consume.

Info is no different. It affects us right before we sleep and after we wake up.

How many can say we don’t check their phones in the first hour before bed or after they wake up?

Mind clutter for breakfast? I’m guilty of this. Most of the consumption is negative information that we stifle creativity and motivation. So experiments can go a long way to find out what prevents us from being productive.

So cutting back and discipline can be a start. 

What is media fasting?

15 years ago the TV would go off for a couple of days and I found out it made a significant difference. Now, these days devices are much smaller more accessible and now it’s easier to get notified who likes a photo you posted 12 days ago.

Watch update with the latest football score. We placed ourselves in those situations where we can’t be left alone for longer than 5 minutes.

How can we switch off if we are not switching off our devices?

Have we developed a phobia about not being in the loop?  

Cutting it out completely (Media Fasting) sounds drastic. But, what if you could set yourself some new goals — “I will take a break from Facebook this week.” 

Not so far fetched or uncommon. But, small goals to start re-learning. An information diet — so that you can redirect your focus on other things. Therefore without overloading yourself with too much information.


What are the common problems with over-consumption?

When we eat too much food that is bad for us. You kind of get the idea.

Our brains are also like our guts. When over consumption overload takes place, then we become consumed.

Distractions. Stress. Confusion. Forgetfulness. 

Sounds pretty crazy. But, our brains are like the mental version of our digestive track. We are not only putting the wrong things in but, way too much.

Think about this alone…

Not only are reading about the latest post on twitter — about Trump’s new position on building the wall — but, you are now reading 148 comments and now your “opinion” is split into multiple categories.

Is your mental capacity really wired for this?

What is the solution?

Dieting is not about restrictions. It is about discipline. I find it when I remove media from my day-to-day I can concentrate on the things that matter. Spending time with my girlfriend and the kid. Focus on priorities with food & money.

Think about the things that matter. 

Too much of anything can’t be a good thing. Some people believe there their mental-stomachs can hold as much information as their devices can spew out.

Can you really eat everything in the restaurant?

But, maybe the version of you – is asking a new question. Should I be going to the restaurant in the first place?

Try a new challenge for yourself today. Make some changes for you this week and stop reading post, comments, and turn off the news feed.

Maybe just by re-positioning yourself you may find less stress and focus for the priorities that matter most. 

Excessive time for information overload can be the culprit for many things. Find out what is a distraction(s) for you. 

Implement diet plan that allows space for your mind.


Start fasting and cutting out automated habits — that clutter your mind.

You may find more clarity and just feel at ease — just by simply cutting back on information or cutting out it completely.



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