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Health and Fitness are the Same?

Most of us come to a crossroad in our life when it comes to our health. Sometimes it becomes a critical moment when we notice a loved one suffering from an illness that was provoked with a poor lifestyle. Or maybe, the energy level wasn’t what was used to being. A visit to the doctor would suggest that there needs to be a change in lifestyle behavior.

There seems to be an overall misconception with the words, health, and fitness. Maybe, you are like me. I have often referenced exercising with being healthy. Hmmm. Is this true?

Perhaps so…but, maybe there is another approach to understanding the difference.

Can a marathon runner be presumably healthy? I would safely imagine so. But, is this always accurate? There is a safer assumption that the athlete is in far better shape than your next door neighbor ~ who’s only physical activity, is cutting the grass once a week. That could also, be a riding mower. C’mon, there is activity in turning the steering wheel.

But, with a serious approach to these 2 words, one could more accurately define them relevant to each other. But, actually 2 different ideas. The relevance could be that an athlete is healthier than, the accountant. Based, on the physical activity that can provoke better respiratory, and lower risk of disease.

Ok, so what about a healthy eater, who doesn’t go to the gym 5 times a week? So, now on the other side, you have another example of a person who is health conscious but, they don’t focus on their biceps. Are we on track to notice the defining difference?

Fitness AND Health. Notice the “and” separate the two. This is not a debate on whether or not one is more important than the other. It is first, comprehending that there is a noticeable and distinct difference between health and fitness.

If you were to start on a healthier track. Which would you Google first? Healthy foods? Or treadmills?

Everyone has their own crossroad that compels them to analyze their life choices. But, before you start training for the Olympics. Should you investigate what your body needs first? Do you have a vitamin deficiency?  Are you even eating the right foods to even get out of bed?

Sound ridiculous?

Maybe for you, this sounds foreign. But, there is a journey for everyone. There are some, who let themselves go without improving the knowledge of what is actually good for them.

But, everyone already knows if they eat healthier, then, we will be healthier? Right?

Well, we then come back to the first thought. Why do people activate a gym membership first when it comes to losing weight?

Of course, this is a great step. However, if you are what you eat as the saying goes and not how much you work out. Then, understand that eating cheeseburgers and running the treadmill doesn’t mean that you are healthy even if you can burn more calories.

But, if you never run a marathon and you are getting more nutrients than in your body than the athlete. Then that is good too right?

It appears safe to say that health and fitness are both relevant to each other. However, when speaking of 2 different examples; there seems to be a distinct difference.

Although, if you one was to work out 5 times a week and eat raw organic food every day. I would guess they approach a healthy lifestyle would, in essence, make them feel happy and have a lot of energy every day.

So, Health and Fitness. Together like peas and carrots.

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