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Last Day on Earth (Mind, Body and Soul-purpose)

My grandmother just recently passed away from cervical cancer. Just barely over one month. She was dear to me, but, it was her time to go. After living a long life of 87 years, her legacy was not to focus on self but, to live selflessly until her last day. I was blessed to know her and to be reminded that life is fleeting to dwell on the things that are trivial in this short life.

She was a Godly woman who prayed early in the mornings. I found it to be strange when I would stay over her house during the summer – to hear her pray and read her bible.

However, by her humble example she left her mark on this world. She didn’t need to speak to thousands of people. Nor did she leave thousands of dollars to some charity to make a difference. It was about her quiet time with God that gave life to her soul that didn’t need credit from this world.

It wasn’t about her. It wasn’t about what she did in this world. She tried to live according to her soul-purpose on Earth – to die to her self (carnality) and live for God. This is what she said just a couple of months before she passed away. Simply contrary to this world. Even after material passes away – what do we leave behind? Is it our legacy?

Back to the point. “Our” legacy in terms points it back to us. What we do. Who we are. I am, I am…

The world’s view exemplifies the focus of self. Until we part from this world. Was it all worth it? – As long as you are remembered, right?

Whether you are a skeptic of the afterlife or don’t believe there is a supernatural being who created everything. You can argue over Spiritual matter or whether or not there is a God.

The one thing that you cannot take away from someone. Is there testimony. Just like those who will also continue to disprove the validity of the Bible. Can you disapprove someone’s authenticity?

Two months ago, after one of her radiation treatments, I had a headache for 3 days, and even in her weakening conditioning, she earnestly prayed for my recovery. The one who prayed without ceasing has left this lifetime impression to always pray for others even though seemingly are going through larger trials. Even though you are going through something today, the time is now to pray and encourage others as you might not know what they are going through. You never know when you or they will have the last breath. Today, my headache is still gone, but, the dent that my grandmother’s God loving prayer will remain in eternity forever.

If today was the last day on earth, what would you pack?

Are you focused on a bucket list? If you are, when you leave this earth…what will you leave behind?

Today, my grandmother has passed a torch. It wasn’t hers, and it isn’t mine. It isn’t about I.

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