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Life without a Job – Making Money Online

It has been over a year now, I’ve haven’t had a “real” job — This former career-bound kid hasn’t sent a resume to a company in almost 2 years.

Thankfully, I continue to find new ways to make money online. It isn’t easy and always fruitful but, slowly I’m finding ways to improve income by overcoming obstacles.

Step 1: A lot of patience

Step 2: More patience

Step 3: Don’t quit, when it feels like things aren’t working

What is working and not working?

This is still to be determined, but, even when I make $15 a week, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

How I make money for the summer of 2019 without having a job?

Back in Wales (UK) for the summer of 2019 and when savings aren’t sustainable, I’ve got keep income coming in without being able to work while in the UK.

So, for retail arbitrage and dropshipping has been able to keep me afloat for the summer. But, there is much work to do to keep improving methods for income. AKA – eCommerce

First method — Retail Arbitrage

I’ve encountered this method years ago and still keeping going with proper research on items that sell on sites like eBay and Amazon.

My main way of inquiring items that sell are through other online auctions — and then I turn around and flip them for more money on eBay.

What is the best way to research what sells?

Not too long ago I purchased a great market research tool — zik analytics that is really great for finding items that people want. This has become valuable especially for my second method of income — dropshipping.

Yes, the second method — Dropshipping

I ask if people understand how dropshipping works and it is usually 50/50. This is the second way that I’ve been able to create more cash flow. Through better understanding that I create listings on eBay of items that sell.

Dropshipping is finding companies (suppliers) to sell their products for them on e-commerce sites like eBay, Amazon (if not using your own website) and take a small percentage. The good news is that you do not have to do any of the shipping yourself. Just research, post and sell.

Of course, there are more details. But, long story short money can be made in the short term.

So far, I’ve made several hundred dollars doing both of these methods. Overseas, can’t work — no problem. A little research using a useful tool now, I’ve made some sales over the summer.

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