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The New Day Resolution


We are nearing the end of January and some of us have already stopped our special fad diets.


The gym membership was a good investment…for the first 2 weeks.


However, some of us are starting to gradually go less and it isn’t even February.


But, for those who still have the momentum. I commend you. As soon as 2018, you used the exercise pants that you got for Christmas and are really breaking them in.


And for others, I am encouraged to know that you haven’t just cut back on useless calories, but, are taking your diet to another level.


Let us be honest though. What happens after February? Is your goal to get to the Spring and Summer so you can show off that killer bod?


But, is the reality that you haven’t been able to make it past the winter because dieting and exercise takes too much time and effort?


Why does this happen to so many people every new year after a couple of months?


I am guilty of “turning over the leaf” syndrome. The new year begins, and now I get the chance to start over. To start something new. I am motivated and now I will get on a new track.


But, then I lose my New Year’s Resolution list and get off track. Why does this always happen?


Well, the answer for us most is that we only want the quick fix and it doesn’t carry over to habitual thinking.


So, my challenge for you and myself is to change our thinking.


How about, instead of New Year’s Resolution, we change into New Day’s Resolution? The obvious and optimal word is “day”.

We live from moment to moment and fail to embrace the new mindset for today. That’s right. It starts with changing our mind. Most of us get out of winter to sustain motivation to achieve our goals.


I have been one of them.


If we embrace an overall lifestyle change instead of just losing a certain amount of weight then we can become the resolution for today.


But, how can we do this when we just look at others? That is the first step. Stop it!


You are you, and no one can tell you how you feel. So, start listening to your body more.


At this very moment, something very new can change and it doesn’t have to become a New Year’s resolution. It can be from moment to moment when you start thinking differently.


Something tangible for the curious.


I have personally conquered the long term delusions by starting with today. Instead of aiming for long term. I begin to write down the 10 healthiest foods I can eat today. I just ask how can I feel better and let the results for later.


Too many people are looking for quick fixes instead of grasping today. If today, was the last day on earth, would tomorrow even matter?


The long term will take care of itself if you focus on today.


Ask yourself how you can feel better. For me, feeling better is about understanding that healthy food, can help me change my mind. Healthy food can change my outlook. Healthy food can improve my mood and motivation. I just feel better.


I have written a food list for 10 foods that will make me feel better.


(I will be writing a blog about those 10 foods soon)


Start something simple. Start something right now.


Forget about the plans and memberships at the gym at this moment.


Right now my challenge for you is to start to look up healthy foods and eat them today, you may realize that you haven’t felt that good for a very long time.


Maybe, you have never felt like the best you.


Today is the New Resolution. Not tomorrow, not next new year.


By the way, today isn’t over yet.


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