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Please Kelp Me I am Losing My Mind


Just another day, when you leave your house you forget to actually dress your kid for school, and they are in their batman pajamas. You are almost at the school, and home is now 33 minutes away. Meanwhile, you have a presentation to do at work today, and you just remembered that you left your work laptop at home right next to the breakfast burrito that you meant to eat.

Now, only 4 minutes away from your child’s school and there is only a small chance you could get a traffic ticket if you drive through this final traffic light.

It would seem that only if your mind powers could stop time at this point you could avoid a potential car crash, avoid getting scolded from your boss, and reducing the chance of your child having a traumatic experience by being made fun of with his Batman pajamas.

Well thankfully in this exaggerated, scenario nothing this extreme has happened to anyone before?

Or maybe you can relate to something similar when everything went wrong after you woke up late?

Forgetfulness can be relatable to lack of sleep. Or it can be a combination of lacking something or some things in your diet.

But, I am inspired today, to relate a food with a play on words because I enjoy being relatable with a side of cheese.

I am always looking for foods that can improve mental cognitive function. Mental focus can be just around the corner.

I am not, however, promoting an idea or a food that will prevent a disaster from happening. But, one healthy food idea at a time, can help promote overall health and possibly improve mental conditions.

So, how may I Kelp you? That is right the play on word for food is Kelp. Yeah, another food that not everyone is waiting in line for. In fact how many people out of 100 can explain where kelp comes from?

I know I couldn’t a year ago tell you much about kelp.

Kelp happens to be brown, algae seaweeds that grow in the underwater forest.

I have heard quite this random food is good for me. Just recently my girlfriend has encouraged me to look into kelp. (She has implemented this into her diet to repair her brain against multiple sclerosis, which will write more about later.)

But maybe you are like me from my past and just nod your head and eat just because “it is good for you”. However, if you are more like me now, you want to at least have a better idea what benefits it has for your body and yes…mind (brain).

Seemingly most powerful, rich nutrient foods have that one prominent vitamin/mineral and the same applies for Kelp. Iodine (an essential mineral) is the winner in this underwater mystery food.

Iodine appears to link us to health benefits and also link us to deficiencies as well.

According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition studies provided evidence that overall cognitive and problem-solving abilities are linked to having ample about iodine in the diet.

Research also suggests that deficiencies with iodine can lead to mental retardation and mental impairment.

The body does not naturally produce iodine. Therefore, we find the ample source of iodine from kelp.

Another vitamin that promotes brain function is Folate (also known as; vitamin B-9 and B-12)

Yes, so kelp is rich in folate which is important for fetal brain development. Folate also improves memory and verbal performance.

There won’t be a life free from slow traffic lights, detailed work projects, or goofy looking pajamas. But, thankfully God has allowed us to find foods that can improve our memory, and potentially increase our cognitive condition.

Kelp is on the way. Why not try an experiment with kelp this week to see if you feel a difference.







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