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Start a “Stop Doing” List

Just this morning I created a “To do list” and it felt great to accomplish the tasks set for the day. However, this is not always a frequent occurrence with production. I’m not excluded along with so many others that struggle with maintaining focus.


Along with the “to do list” comes the distractions and the unexpected. Which are fair enough – if you get an important text message, that reads; “I lost my job today.” And being the supportive person that you are – you most likely respond.


However, if your average person actually kept a journal to track all of their activities in one day. How many things would distract one’s production? What shiny bright light takes off your eyes off of the target?


There is nothing too revealing about what the noisy lights are.


We can’t turn down our kids. We can’t turn off our spouse. (Not that switch)


Priorities are priorities. Busy is not always productive though. How much time would you suggest you are wasting in one day?





If we added it all up. We could potentially find that the accumulation of the trivial things is stifling our creativity, production and – over time can misconstrue our real priorities.


Sometimes in order to see what you can do to feel better. To be more productive. To understand what are the important things in life. You need to remove what you don’t need to do.


Before we go to the store and buy healthier food it sometimes necessary to throw out the junk food first so we aren’t tempted to go off track.


This week I want to encourage others to join me in creating a “Stop Doing List.”


But, first take a journal what your habits, routines, and common distractions.


There are things in life that you can not avoid. Although, you can position yourself better to reduce those chances of distractions.


What are the habits that hold you back? Your phone, Netflix, Social media, the news?


Today can be the day when you start by stopping what you are doing and find out what isn’t working.







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