There is no scientific evidence that drinking tea can help to detox the body. Therefore, either I should stop right here – or you can stop reading after this sentence.


So, there is my disclaimer.


Whew. Now I have that out of the way. Yes, there is no scientific proof that suggests using tea for cleansing the body or losing weight.


Do we always need to see the evidence before we try things? Of course, we don’t. Although, it is wise to educate ourselves before we start new diet trends and start lifting a dumbbell over our head.


We could get hurt.


Nevertheless, there are advocates who may not always have the credentials but, they are the vessel of proof.


For example; You see your friend after 3 years in the grocery store, and they lost 35 pounds and have a grocery cart full of the natural stuff. By natural – I mean the things that grow from the ground.


Last year was the first time. Without the evidence, I decided to try something different. Sounding less than appetizing at first. I thought I would try a potent drink that may not be proven in the scientific community, but it was worth a shot.


So here is the Super Tea remedy that is ready to shake you up.


First, I boil some water and get out the ingredients.


I chop up some garlic. Preferably around 2 cloves. Then, I shave off some ginger root – 6-8 fine slices.


Now, after the boiling water is ready. I will add the garlic and ginger slices. I will now squeeze some lemon.


Are you getting thirsty?


Now for the last 2 final touches. Turmeric will be next to last final choice. For now, on a tighter budget, I use turmeric powder.


Finally, some honey to give a less than bitter taste.


Ready to drink up. This is not my go-to drink when I need to quench my thirst. But, if I’m feeling under the weather. Not feeling my best. I can feel my extremities tingle. I can breath better for around 30 minutes.


I’m not your clinical study. I’m not a guinea pig or a lab rat. I’ve haven’t visited the doctor to make sure this is ok. I drink this hot remedy with not much to lose.


I’m also not your doctor and will not subscribe this to you if you are feeling ill. However, your body can tell you more than you realize. You don’t need to google to find out why you are becoming dehydrated.

So, without the claims – why not try something new. Not for spite. Not for taste. But, realize these ingredients are meant to aid your body for natural healing. Hello, white blood cells.

Please try and enjoy and feel better soon.

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