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Treevamp !t Now: Dream Pursuer or Excuse Maker


It is never too late to pursue your dreams until you literally stop breathing.

One of my favorite movies; “Fight Club” illustrates the perspective with the long lost dream versus the new reality of a gun being pointed at your head.


The character has lost his way and works at a convenience store. There is nothing wrong with that, as long as you do not throw your dream into the dumpster behind the store.


Brad Pitt’s character holds the gun to the character’s (who works at the store) head and asks the pinnacle question regarding – his dream in life.


“Raymond, what do you want to be?”


So, Raymond nervously answers with “veterinarian”. He lives, but, with the precursor that he must be on his way to pursuing this dream or we will have to face the dreadful alternative.


He runs home on his way to becoming what he already wanted to be. He just needed a little motivation.


Now, I have watched this movie many times, and Raymond is never mentioned again in the movie. It is up to the viewer to imagine Raymond is off to be what he wanted to be all along.


Was Raymond set free from his own internal prison? Without limitation or excuse; the only other option was to die, or live the rest of his life trying to pursue the dream.


Are you still working at the same place, and only dreaming an old dream while you are still stocking shelves?


As long as you have air, resources, freedom, and opportunity. I believe that excuses eventually run out.


What are your excuses?


I am too old. I don’t have enough money. I don’t have the time. I have a family to take care of…


We all have excuses. But, when do you reach the certain age, when you realize that you are running out of time with your pinnacle perspective?


Today could be the last day on earth. So, what are you packing? What did you say you might pursue 10 years ago? Twenty years ago?


Are you still breathing? Are there resources? What is holding you back?


What if you forgot your dream and your passion doesn’t seem as relevant to what was considered a relevant skill set 30 years ago?


There is great news. You still have time, if you are reading this.


Today, for the first step. No matter your age or situation. If you are working in life’s “convenient” store but, you lack the motivation to leave. I am not suggesting you emulate, “Fight Club” scene. But, imagine that your time is ticking away and that you are throwing that one single idea that could set you free.


Take the challenge to become Raymond when he finally gets perspective.


I recommend that you start changing your mind, now, before it is too late.

Start with getting away from any kind of noise.


For 5 minutes, close your eyes, and start to revamp your mind to wander back into what makes your heart smile, again.


Start writing down ideas that rekindle old dreams.


Stop listening to negative people.


Realize that you have a God-given purpose and that your legacy won’t be defined by following what others told you what the right path was supposed to be.


Eliminate the old question and statement – How did I get here? It is too late now.


I am writing to this to whoever has suppressed that little voice inside for years. “How did I get here?” and “It is too late now.”

I make no promises to myself or others that it will be an easy path. But, if you are like Raymond, then you need motivation. I am not advocating that you need the perspective of losing your life until you get motivated. However, if you stop what you are doing, and regain the point of view, that NOW is the time as long as your breathing to revisit the pathway back to your dream.


What is your dream?

Are you going to regain perspective, like the character in Fight Club? Or are you exactly like me, with time slipping by and feel like, you can say – that today is the finally the day, when I eliminate whatever has held me back.


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