This is a challenge for yourself. Treevamp !t is a self-stamp approval that doesn’t require validation or permission from others. Maybe you are told that you are fat. So, your false-sense of motivation is to go on a diet — when your true motivation should not be because you want to look better for someone else — but, you want to feel better for you.

Stop listening to others & start listening to your heart — We often get caught up on craving approval & doing things that we regret later.

Start today — by finding out what you are really doing that is not working anymore.

I invite you to go on a journey with me — I’ve spent countless hours trying different things that made me feel miserable in the long run. Now, I want to give back with encouragement. By stirring up what inside you — you may find the real person inside who is dying to come out.

Stay tuned as I continue to write — & create vlogs for people who want to think outside their own mental-conformed prison.

Are you a person who has made excuses and settled for a complacent lifestyle? Are you a person who has not discovered their passion(s)? Are you making compromises that are slowly making you wither?

It doesn’t matter what is holding you down/or back — Taking the first step is identification & then true boldness to make new choices – and change your life now.

You can not find the truth until you start eliminating the lies.

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