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Life is too short. And I am too young to have a bucket list.


Or am I? (apprehensive wink here)


There is no guarantee for tomorrow, but, while I am still sitting on God’s green and blue planet, I might as well check off a few things before I leave.


I don’t want to get carried away with one of my old sayings – “I am a delayed bloomer”. Because that would implicate that I need to arrive or eventually blossom.


“Life is a journey, not a destination”.


In the last few years, I have finally been able to visit some countries in Europe and in the United Kingdom.


Currently, I am in Wales to visit my girlfriend for the summer. We have been to England and Scotland as well and thankfully there are no regrets.


Several years ago, I finally got a passport and now I am getting to see some other countries for the first time in my 40’s.


It is never too late until it is too late. So, now I am continuing on my journey of exploring new places that I am finally getting to see. Hopefully, there will more to come.


I am not inspired to write this to boast at all. I found myself making excuses for traveling to different countries. Now, I look back and chuckle at falling for all of the reasons why traveling is only for free and wealthy people.


Of course, if you have a mortgage and a family you may not be able to start packing tonight. But, if you have dreamt about exploring new places and think it is going to empty your wallet.


Think again.


Everyone’s journey is not the same. I just happened to connect with my girlfriend online and almost 12 months later, here I am.


But, part of the journey to get overseas didn’t drain my bank account.


Research, research, and more research. I found an ample enough airline – to cut corners on airfare. (Recently went out of business) but, found other cheap flights through You could potentially save several hundred US dollars.


When my girlfriend and I travelled to Edinburgh Scotland. Instead of expensive hotels. We decided to do some research and find websites like where it allows you to connect with people who can host you for the night or even more.



Travelling keeps opening my eyes to new ideas. New towns, and new inspiration. Once upon a time, I dreamt about going to a town from the other side of the world which no one knew my name. Now, I am living this dream as a reality.


My perspective of life keeps changing every day. I am encouraged to keep thinking of new innovative ways to travel abroad without carrying a heavy bag of excuses.


If you were like me several years ago, you only kept thinking of reasons not make it happen.


I encourage you to do some research today. If you would like to hear how my girlfriend and I were able to pack healthy organic food, and essentials for 3 days, keep reading my blogs in the future for new ideas on eating healthy when traveling.


Just subscribe to my page and I will keep updating information on how to live with a less is more approach lifestyle. 


I will write in the future about some traveling tips that can help you plan to travel without spending too much time wasted on following the conventional approaches to travel.


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